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The Waco Mammoth National Monument is the national park located in Central Texas. The park sits within 100 acres of wooded parkland along the Bosque River and provides a glimpse into the lives and habitat of Columbian mammoths and other Ice Age animals.

In 1978 two young men, while searching for arrowheads, stumbled upon a large bone eroding out of a ravine. Recognizing the unusual nature of the bone, they removed it and took it to the Baylor’s Strecker Museum.


A first of its kind partnership was created when the Waco Mammoth National Monument was created. Under management of the City of Waco, Baylor University, and the National Park Service, and supported by the Waco Mammoth Foundation, the site is set to continue its scientific research, develop and expand visitor services, and create educational programs and exhibits, that will serve and benefit the community for years to come.

City of Waco

The Waco Mammoth National Monument is within a 108-acre site which lies within the city limits of Waco.

The government of the City of Waco owns the land that sits along the Bosque River with the exception of the 4.93 acres now owned by the National Park Service. The city built the state-of-the-art dig shelter that helps protect the integrity of the in situ specimens.

National Park Service

The original dig site is a 4.93-acre parcel within the national monument 108-acre boundary. Gaining national park status provides multiple benefits for the site. As a national park, the site is:

  • Forever protected, allowing the physical site to remain intact.
  • A resource for scientific research to encourage continued paleontological studies of the species.
  • Preserved as a nationally-recognized site of significance.
  • A portal to great educational programs and outreach for a wider audience.

Baylor University

From the first identification of the bones brought to their museum, Baylor has been consistently involved in the site.

To this day, the Mayborn Museum at Baylor (formerly the Strecker Museum) acts as the curator of the fossils, specimens, and associated documents of the Waco Mammoth National Monument. They also provide funding for many projects, continued research at the site, and staff participation and contribution at the Park.


The Waco Mammoth Foundation mission is to support, preserve, and enhance the natural resources of the Waco Mammoth National Monument for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of present and future generations through a unique partnership with the National Park Service, the City of Waco, and Baylor University.

The Waco Mammoth Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to help obtain and sustain resources to complete all phases of the Master Plan.

A Call to Action

The Waco Mammoth Foundation is asking you to participate in the completion of a dream-to build and maintain a coalition of community support for our national park.

As the site moved through all the stages of gaining National Park designations, original foundation members also dreamed of creating a dedicated venue where all generations, especially school age children, may explore, discover, create, and learn about science, local natural history, and the importance of continued research. Thus, our ultimate goal is the building of a Children’s Discovery Area.

The concept of introducing a built environment that mimics the natural environment of the dig site is designed to influence and encourage visitors to get outdoors and explore more of our great world.

Although we now realize that we may need to be a part of other projects prior to the completion of the Children’s Discovery Area, we will always be supportive of any project that encourages further park site development.

For those in and around the Waco area, you can begin the quest to achieve the dream by becoming a Waco Mammoth Foundation Member contributing member. Once the Waco Mammoth Foundation has further developed offices and infrastructure, you will become a part of the team with the goal of raising funding for many needed projects at the Park and the eventual building of a Children’s Discovery Center.



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